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Setup instruction

Set up a conversion in the Pinterest Ads Manager and copy the new tag ID into the Pixel Manager

  1. Open the Ads Manager in Pinterest

  2. Browse to > Ads > Conversions

    Pinterest 1

  3. Click Get started

    Pinterest 2

  4. Enter the shop URL and check it. Then you'll get a tag ID at the top right. Copy and paste that into the Pixel Manager. Then Skip to the next page. You can click through each page now and keep all the standard settings.

    Pinterest 3

  5. Continue to the next page

    Pinterest 4

  6. Continue to the next page

    Pinterest 5

  7. Finish by clicking Done

    Pinterest 6

Pinterest Enhanced Match

Enhanced Match is an optional addition to your Pinterest tag that matches conversion data with the person responsible for the conversion. Enhanced Match sends hashed emails to Pinterest to match site events when there’s no Pinterest cookie present. Enhanced Match also lets you track cross-device checkouts, which cannot be done otherwise. As a result, you can accurately see conversions reported in Ads Manager.

Pinterest Tag Helper

You can get the Pinterest Tag Helper from the Chrome web store: Pinterest Tag Helper

It will help you to verify that the pixel fires correctly.