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Pixel Manager for WooCommerce - The Easiest Way to Track Traffic and Conversions for your WooCommerce Store

Because the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce has been built and battle tested by performance marketers it can’t get better than that. As a new user, you can have the confidence that your tracking data is precise and accurate.

Why Pixel Manager for WooCommerce?

For Developers

  • Built and optimized for WooCommerce
  • Consent/Privacy mode with latest tech
  • Easy to configure through the UX
  • Granular settings by using filters
  • Purchase licenses in bulk

For End Users

  • Built and optimized for WooCommerce
  • Simplicity first
  • Translated into several languages
  • Made by performance marketers, for performance marketers

Both user types will experience the benefit of being able to track all of your pixel data through one, easy-to-use Wordpress plugin.

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We help with tracking your entire traffic

Implement all your tracking pixels easily.
Google Ads, Meta (Facebook) Pixel, Google Analytics Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Optimize, Microsoft Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, HotJar

Following are synthetic, AI generated representations of real reviews

One plugin to rule them all!

"I’m an expert in tracking features and I’m telling you this is a real top notch plugin!

No more fuss, no different plugins or time loss in configuring. This plugin has everything you need and much more is coming (they have published a public roadmap).

It can be described like a hub for all your pixel needs, plus it integrates with the best privacy plugins out there (Complianz -and Cookiebot- above all).

No more words, just drop your many tracking plugins and code snippets and start using Pixel Manager for WooCommerce right now!"

User techedge on

Great Pixel Manager

"Very easy to setup and it just works. A lot better than most pixel plugins."

User sander5 on

Kickass Plugin

"Ok this is my first review here. This one actually deserves a Nobel price for e-commerce."

User marekmiller21 on