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CommerceGurus Popups WooCommerce Plugin: In-Depth Review

· 9 min read
Maria Pirzada Ansari
Computer Scientist and Content Writer

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If your online store sees a lot of site traffic but doesn't have enough sales, it means people are leaving your site without considering spending money.

One way to keep potential buyers on your online store is by using a popups plugin, like CommerceGurus Popups, to display incentivized offers, show selected products, and encourage site visitors to buy from you.

Discount Banner for the Google Automated Discounts Plugin

· 2 min read
Aleksandar Vucenovic
Chief Growth Officer

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The Google Automated Discounts plugin now supports a new feature that allows you to display a discount banner on your store. This banner will be displayed on the product page with an active Automated Discounts price and will show a counter with the time left until the discount expires, along some additional information about the discount.