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  • As of May 2022, WooCommerce businesses can connect their online store to TikTok. This allows them to sync their product catalog with TikTok and run ads on the platform. It's also possible to add the TikTok pixel to your website, which lets you track conversions from customers who land in your eCommerce shop from a TikTok Ad.
  • TikTok released an official plugin in tandem with its WooCommerce integration, called TikTok for WooCommerce, which does all of these things. It's fine for uploading your product catalog to TikTok, but it's very limited when it comes to pixel tracking.
  • A better alternative would be Pixel Manager for WooCommerce, which lets you add the TikTok pixel to your site as well as pixels from a multitude of other platforms. The plugin is pre-configured to track important events that happen in your store and can be set up for dynamic remarketing on TikTok Ads.