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Do you love the Pixel Manager? Then help us with our WooSesh Seshies Nomination 2023!

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Aleksandar Vucenovic
Chief Growth Officer

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The Seshies Award 2023

This year, for the first time, WooSesh, the largest WooCommerce virtual conference, is going to have a Seshies Award Ceremony. The Seshies are a new award that will be given to the best WooCommerce extensions, stores, developers, advocates and agencies. The Seshies are a great way to recognize the best of the best in the WooCommerce ecosystem.

If you want to help to get the Pixel Manager nominated for the Seshies Award 2023, then please nominate us here: or go directly to the nomination form here: Nomination Form

We'd love to get nominated for the following categories:

  • Innovation Award
  • Extension of the Year

Two rounds of voting

In the first round, we need to get nominated. The nomination period is open until one week before the WooSesh conference, around October 3rd, 2023. After that, the top 3 nominees in each category will be selected and the second round of voting will begin. The second round of voting will be open until the second day of WooSesh, October 11, 2023. The winners will be announced at the Seshies Award Ceremony on October 12th, 2023.

How to nominate the Pixel Manager

To nominate the Pixel Manager, please fill out the nomination form here: Nomination Form

  1. The first question is about the Innovation Award.

    For the URL please use:

    As for reason, you can copy the following text, or write your own:

    The Pixel Manager for WooCommerce offers two unique and very valuable features that no other tracking code manager has: The Tracking Accuracy Report and the Automatic Conversion Recovery Report. The former identifies potential tracking inaccuracies, which in severe cases, can indicate that over 50% of the ad budget is wasted, leading to missed revenue opportunities. The latter helps to partially mitigate the impact of lost conversions automatically.

  2. Skip Next and go to the Extension of the Year category.

    For the URL please use:

    For the reason you can copy the following text, or write your own:

    The Pixel Manager is best of its class for several reasons:

    • Innovation: Our exclusive features like the Tracking Accuracy Report and Automatic Conversion Recovery embody our commitment to continuous improvement and optimization.
    • Comprehensiveness: With advanced functionalities such as Google Ads Conversion Adjustments and Tracking Script Lazy Loading, the PMW surpasses other tracking code managers in feature richness while maintaining optimal website load times and tracking accuracy.
    • User Approval: Boasting the highest rating among tracking code managers (4.9 from 294 reviews), PMW is well-received by users.
    • Responsive Support: We guarantee quality support within one business day for both free and pro version users.
    • Extensive Documentation: Our robust and well-appreciated documentation facilitates users in making the most out of the PMW.
    • Ease of Use: Easy to set up, the PMW offers numerous customization options to perfectly suit every shop's needs.
    • Technical Superiority: PMW stands out technically, utilizing the REST API for server interaction, with Ajax as a fallback option, showcasing its technical advantage over competitors predominantly relying on Ajax.

How to upvote the Pixel Manager

As soon as the second round of voting starts, you will be asked to vote for the Pixel Manager.