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WooCommerce Google Ads New Customer reporting

· 2 min read
Aleksandar Vucenovic
Chief Growth Officer



This is available in all versions of the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce

new_customer Parameter

The Pixel Manager for WooCommerce outputs the new_customer into the order object on the purchase confirmation page. PMW also sends that parameter, if true or false, with the Google Ads purchase event to Google Ads. The value can then be used by various campaigns to optimize for new customers, for existing customers or for both.

While Google Ads already tries to to figure out on its own, if a purchase is coming from an existing customer, the new_customer parameter in the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce is much more accurate.

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The Logic To Determine the new_customer Value

In order to determine if the order is from a new or an existing customer, PMW uses an optimized logic to check if a customer is an existing customer or not. Optimizing the logic was necessary because the WooCommerce internal logic can be misleading. We've seen examples of code which was checking if an order was created under an existing customer account. But, that would only work for shops where users normally log in before buying a product. On shops where customers can purchase as guests, which is the majority of all shops, that logic wouldn't take into account if a person previously has bought a product as a guest. This is why we decided to follow a different approach in PMW.

PMW takes the billing email of the existing order and checks if there are already paid orders in the database with the same billing email. Please note the emphasis on paid orders. We only deem a user as customer if at least one payment has been fully processed in one of his earlier orders. This is the most accurate approach to find out if the current order is for a new or an existing customer.

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