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CMPsupportedwp.orgwebsite* update on savemanual setup required
Borlabs Cookie✔️nalink✔️yes
Cookie Script✔️linklink✔️no
Complianz Cookie✔️linklink✔️no
Cookie Compliance (free version, by✔️linklink✔️no
Cookie Compliance (pro version, by✔️linklink✔️no
CookieYes, GDPR Cookie Consent (Cookie Law Info)✔️linklinknono
GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin by Moove Agency✔️linklinknoyes
Termly | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent Banner** not yetlinklink
WP AutoTerms: Cookie Notice Banner** not yetlinklink
EU Cookie Law for GDPR/CCPA** not yetlinkna
GDPR** not yetlinklink
The GDPR Framework By Data443** not yetlinklink
WF Cookie Consent** not yetlinklink
Responsive Cookie Consent** not yetlinkna
Surbma | GDPR Proof Cookie Consent & Notice Bar** not yetlinklink
DigitalControlRoom** not yetnalink
CookiePro (by OneTrust)** not yetlinklink
UserCentrics** not yetnalink
Real Cookie Banner** not yetnalink

* Update on save: The CMP provides an API that allows us to activate all scripts the moment the visitor accepts cookies. That is not possible with all CMPs. This matters when a visitor only visits one page and accepts the cookies. Then we will be able to measure that single page visit. CMPs that don't provide such an API don't allow to measure the first page visit.

** Send us a message if the CMP that you're using is missing on the list or if you want to prioritize the implementation of one of those that have not been implemented yet.