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WooCommerce Plugins for Tracking and Ad Performance To Boost Your Sales

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Pixel Manager ProPixel Manager ProBoost your sales and cut advertising costs with the Pixel Manager through precise e-commerce tracking
Google Automated DiscountsGoogle Automated DiscountsBoost your sales with Google Shopping ads. Allow Google to set your discount to secure the sale and customize your profit margin.
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Pixel Manager for WooCommerce

Boost your sales and cut advertising costs through precise e-commerce tracking.

  • Save time with a very simple set-up
  • Connect your shop with Google Ads, GA4, Meta and many more channels for paid ads
  • Get the most accurate tracking data you can get
  • See which ads perform and which don’t
  • Now allocate budget correctly, cut costs and boost your sales!

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Works great with minimal user input. Once set up it does the job perfectly. View testimonial


This plugin was recommended to us by Google’s Tag Implementation Team. That should say enough. View testimonial


I installed for tracking woocommerce leads and Google Ads. Works easy and literally plug and play. keep the good work! View testimonial


Great plugin and support View testimonial


Run your ads more profitably with high-precision tracking

Trusted by those that YOU trust

Our Game-Changing Plugin for Shopping Ads

Google Automated Discounts

Boost your sales with Google Shopping ads. Allow Google to set your discount to secure the sale - and optimize your profit margin

  • Save time and your sales by automating the price battle with competitors
  • Set your minimum sales price
  • Google calculates and sets your price on shopping ads
  • So you win the sale, while it still optimizes for profit margin
  • Plugin fulfills the technical requirements from Google

It has changed the game for my business. 500% increase in sales. Becoming the number 1 player in the US. Competing with Walmart and Amazon. View testimonial

Carrington Dillon
Carrington DillonGeneral Manager, NorthCoastKeyless

Boost your sales with Google Shopping ads.
Allow Google to set your discount to secure the sale and optimize your profit margin

Your benefits with SweetCode plugins

You will boost your sales
Unlock targeted advertising power effortlessly with our plugins, streamlining data collection while enhancing your paid ads experience with features like 'Opportunities' that pinpoint growth possibilities.
You make precise advertising decisions
Unparalleled precise conversion tracking. For example through Advanced Conversion Recovery. Measuring even if customers do not return to the thank-you page.
No compatibility problems with other plugins
The trusted choice since 2013! With a stellar track record, we've maintained 99.99% compatibility with other plugins. Join 50’000+ satisfied users for seamless integration.
Plug & Play installation
Experience hassle-free installation with our plugin – simply paste your ID to begin! Our detailed documentation, with categorized instructions and how-to videos ensures easy navigation.
Full support staff with enough time available
Our track record: Average response time: 1h 44m. Average resolved on first reply: 42%. Average 100% resolved: 22h 16m
No problems when something else updates
We track WordPress and WooCommerce updates automatically and release regularly.
You can add code easily and customize
Because we made the plugin extendable.
You will become a winner in advertising
We are on top of the game and publish regularly blog posts sharing tips and tricks and the latest developments in paid advertising.

SweetCode Company

Since 2013
10+ years, compatible plugins
Full-time support staff
Less than 24 hours response time
Swiss Made Software
In our offices in Zurich
Marketing Agency W+B
SweetCode is a subsidiary of W+B and we learn from daily agency customers

I thought that user experience with other plugins was not optimal. Did not track accurately, had bad support and the setup took too much time, even for an expert.

So I sweet-coded the Pixel Manager plugin, set up a good support staff and documentation to help you install get started easily, track accurately and make your ads profitable.

Aleksandar Vucenovic
Aleksandar VucenovicFounder, SweetCode
Aleksandar Vucenovic

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Find out what’s behind the scenes thanks to our blog


Since its foundation in 2013, the plugin and our company have come a long way.

In our blog, you can find out more about our team and new versions of Pixel Manager, but also follow our web performance tutorials.

There is a whole Sweet-world to discover!

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