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Order Duplication Prevention

The order duplication prevention logic uses several methods to prevent orders to be double counted. Without that logic Google Analytics, Meta (Facebook) and other pixels often would count the same order twice.

Order duplication is more common than expected. In average revenue reports can become inflated by 10% to 20%, sometimes even more. This is not within tolerable limits. Therefore we implemented a few smart methods to prevent purchase conversion pixels to be fired more than once.

The basic order duplication prevention uses cookies and the browser storage to detect if a browser tries to send the same conversion more than once. When a conversion is fired, that conversion is saved within the same browser. If the visitor reloads the page, or revisits the page after a while, the Pixel Manager prevents the conversion pixels to be fired again. This method alone brings the inflated revenue down to 2% - 4%.

Better, right? We can do even more!

Server Based Duplication Prevention

The advanced order duplication prevention (which is available for pro users only, available here) adds one more layer of duplication prevention. Once the browser based duplication prevention has run, we also store that event in the WooCommerce order database. No matter on which device the purchase confirmation is re-opened, this method will prevent the conversion to be fired ever again.

Ignore Failed Orders

The Pixel Manager detects orders with failed payments and doesn't fire the conversion pixels in order to increase measurement accuracy.