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General Settings

Maximum Compatibility Mode

This mode detects specific settings that cause issues with the front-end output of this plugin and protects the output from being altered.

Over time and through many support requests we found certain third party plugins that cause issues with our plugin. One common example are caching and minification plugins that are adjusting the output of our plugin, in some cases break the scripts and stop the tracking pixels from working.

Obviously this leads to hours of debugging, many support requests and as a consequence, unhappy users.

Through thorough analysis we identified the exact settings in those third party plugins which cause those issues. The maximum compatibility mode changes those settings to values which make the third party plugins compatible with our plugin. We only do this with settings which are not essential to the working of the third party plugins. In cases where we would have to disable essential functionality of the third party plugins, we would not do this through the Maximum Compatibility Mode, but through displaying a warning notification in the back-end. The user would then have to decide himself how to proceed.

Exclude User Roles from Tracking


This is a pro feature. If you need this feature for your WooCommerce shop head over to the pricing page where you can acquire the pro version.

With this pr feature you can exclude certain users roles from being tracked by the pixels.

WPM also detects custom roles, which have been added to the shop, and can also be excluded from tracking if necessary.

Exclude User Roles from Tracking