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License Management

Account Access

You can access your account under the following link:

Use the email address with which you have purchased the plugin and created the account.

The invoice is missing my VAT ID. How can I get a new invoice that includes the VAT ID?

  1. Follow this link to log into your account of our store at Freemius:
  2. Under My Profile add the VAT ID
  3. Now you can download a new invoice from the Order History that contains the VAT ID on your invoice.

Reclaim VAT

If you are in an EU country and forgot to add your VAT number during checkout, the VAT was added to your invoice. Now you have two choices on how to fix this:

  1. Update your profile in your account with your VAT ID. Then download the new Freemius-generated invoice from the dashboard's Orders History section. With that you can claim the VAT back manually from the relevant VAT authority of your home country.

  2. If the first option doesn't work for you, go ahead and request a refund from us. Once the refund is confirmed you'll have to re-purchase the license again. This time, you need to make sure to set the VAT ID on the checkout form before completing the purchase.

How does Freemius collect VAT in Europe?

Read more details about this in the following Freemius support article: Collecting EU VAT in Europe

How to Transfer a License from One Domain to Another Domain?

Simply disable the license in on the domain where it is active right now.

Go to the plugin dashboard and click on the "Account" tab. On the Account tab you can disable that license.

Once that's done you can reuse the license on another domain.

Can I Test My License on a Development Server?

Yes. The licensing server detects common development server setups and will allow you to activate the license on the production and on the development server. Here's a list of common localhost environments that are automatically detected. If it doesn't work for you send us support email and we'll try to add your to your subscription.

How do I install the pro version?

Right after the purchase you should receive an email with the license key that explains how to install the pro version. Also take a look in the spam inbox if you can't find it. If you still can't find it there's another way.

Follow this link It will redirect you to our store at Freemius, our licensing partner.

  1. Reset the password to create a new password and get access
  2. Log in into the store
  3. Download the pro version
  4. Install it like explained in the following video
  5. After activation you should see a prompt that asks for the license key. You'll find the license key in your account portal at Freemius
  6. After adding the license key the pro version is fully active

Do I need to keep the free version active?

No. The pro version can run just by itself. That means after installation of the pro version you can safely disable and remove the free version.