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· 2 min read
Aleksandar Vucenovic

This is the very first blog post on

I've invested quite a bit of time finding a better CMS for as WordPress was not checking all the boxes that I was looking for. In order to write nice documentation faster and still structurally concise and visually appealing we needed a different approach. First I found which I used for the documentation for the Pixel Manager for WooCommerce. I liked it because of its use of markdown to write documentation pages. Soon I got addicted to that approach and wanted to use it for blog posts too. But Docsify is too limited in that regard.

So my search continued and I took a deep dive into Gatsby. But, I had to realize, while Gatsby gives a lot of flexibility, it would also require to develop an entire new framework for the website with exactly the components that I needed. Gatsby just didn't feel right.

Luckily I looked at other tools again, and suddenly Docusaurus stood out of the crowd. I disregarded it earlier when I chose Docsify, because at that time I didn't know how powerful editing with markdown can be and how much I would like to use it not only for documentation, but for everything.

Once I decided to use Docusaurus the implementation went fast and only took me a few days from zero to having almost the entire website, including the documentation, migrated to Docusaurus.

On top of that Docusaurus provides am much better search, driven by algolia.

Having moved to Docusaurus, despite the additional work, feels like a big relief. I'd recommend every developer to look into Docusaurus. It is a great tool!